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Timeline, 1963

Cheese War   Timeline       1963     Event Date Event Source (See key below.)           1-1963 and 2-1963       A dairy stabilization law for the Portland milkshed was drafted by an Oregon Dairymen’s Association committee headed by George Milne, president of Tillamook Cheese & Dairy. The… READ MORE

Timeline, 1962

1960 – A dairy farmers’ committee worked on a milk audit bill to present to the 1961 legislature.1961 – Delegates to the Oregon Dairymen’s convention in January supported Fair Trade legislation that would prevent distributors from giving or loaning equipment to stores.1961- HB 1194 was introduced. The bill would regulate prices paid to farmers.1961 –… READ MORE

Timeline, Pre-1960s

1850s – David Wilson brought the first domesticated cows into the area1889 – Merriman Foland and Bob Richards became Tillamook’s first commercial cheesemakers1894 – Peter McIntosh, a Canadian, brought his full-cream cheddar recipe to Tillamook and shared it with the cheesemakers1909 – 10 factories formed a marketing cooperative and named it Tillamook County Creamery Association1919… READ MORE

Memories of the Early Days

Use this link to access a 1991 interview with Dorothy Thornton, the daughter of Carl Haberlach. He was hired when 10 of the cooperative factories formed a marketing group and named it Tillamook County Creamery Association. She says he ran the organization “with an iron hand,” and he put the factories on a path to… READ MORE

Early Cheese Factory in Tillamook

The first Tillamook Cheese Factory, or “cheese kitchen,” was located at the south end of the town of Tillamook. It was one of four factories that agreed to consolidate if a new factory were built. When that facility was completed in 1949, this factory closed and, along with other factories near town (Maple Leaf, Clover… READ MORE


Tillamook Cheese gained consistent quality at its numerous member factories and won awards. Here is a photo from June 1952 showing some of its honors. READ MORE

Tillamook Factory Opens in 1949

Several small factories near the town of Tillamook agreed to consolidate if they could use a new, larger facility. Clover Leaf, Maple Leaf and Holstein factories joined forces with Tillamook Cheese Factory to build the factory north of Tillamook that we know today. The new cooperative was named Tillamook Cheese Association. (Photo Credit: The Oregonian,… READ MORE

Boxes for Shipping Cheese

In the early days of Tillamook’s cheese production, wood from the many area forests was used to make boxes that protected the cheese while it was shipped to groceries. Usually, the task of making boxes fell to the most junior worker in the cheese factories, who made boxes while observing the other workers and the head… READ MORE

Two Groups, One Roof

Two Groups, One Roof

During most of the Cheese War, Cheese & Dairy and County Creamery co-existed at the large Tillamook cheese factory. A judge had ordered that each cooperative could use the space so they shared equipment and production rooms. This schematic, developed for use in a later lawsuit, noted that an area marked with jagged lines was… READ MORE

Confrontation at County Creamery Office

In late August 1963, two Red Clover Cheese Factory board members went to the Tillamook County Creamery Association’s office to retrieve their factory’s files. They were stopped by a guard and the association manager, Beale Dixon. TCCA, the marketing organization selling all of Tillamook’s cheese, including Red Clover’s, was storing each factory’s records. However, the… READ MORE