The Oregon Journal Articles

The following articles, ads and photos relevant to the Cheese War appeared in issues of The Oregon Journal, a now-defunct newspaper. All material is available on microfilm. The chronology also provides an overview of the Cheese War. (Credit: The Oregonian)

Reuse Permission, The Oregon Journal

Date Headline
Dec 25, 1925 Subject: “Salem, Dec. 25 – No trace had been found Thursday night of the three youths who this noon stuck up the state bank of Scotts Mills, 30 miles northeast of here, escaping with a meager $25 contained in a Christmas box in the lobby of the bank….”
May 17, 1963 Tom Ferschweiler: Court to Hear Tillamook Problem
May 21, 1963 Jerry Tippens: Milk Sale Fight Taken To Court By Cooperatives At Tillamook
May 22, 1963 Jerry Tippens: Testimony Reveals Dairy Split Caused By Lowering Of Prices
May 23, 1963 Jerry Tippens: TCCA Manager Discloses Move To Curb Loss Of Market Rights
May 29, 1963 Jerry Tippens: End Nears In Dairy Hearing
May 30, 1963 Jerry Tippens: Tillamook Dairy Feud Winds Up, Judge To Consider Presentations
July 29, 1963 No Byline: Tillamook Dairy Case Rule Made
Jan 28, 1964 No Author: Tillamook Fight Back In Court
May 13, 1964 No Byline: Arbitration Bid Vetoed in Cheese Dispute
May 22, 1964 2 items:

No Byline: ‘Invader’ Cheese Revealed

No Byline: Cheese Trademark Fuss Continues

June 26, 1964 No Byline: TC&DA Wins Ruling In Trademark Case
June 28, 1964 Gerry Pratt: Making The Dollar – Cheese Makers’ Tiff Poses Store Problem
July 5, 1964 No Byline: ‘Tillamook’ Peace Bid
July 9, 1964 No Byline: Creamery Rejects Peace Proposal
July 10, 1964 No Byline: Dairy Group Asks For ‘Open Books’
July 16, 1964 No Byline: Cheese Squabble Continues
Nov 20, 1964 or Jan 20, 1965? No Byline: Cheesemaker Earnings Statement Challenged