Tillamook Headlight-Herald Articles

The following articles, ads and photos relevant to the Cheese War appeared in issues of the Tillamook Headlight-Herald and its affiliate, Shopping Smiles. All material is available on microfilm or at the newspaper’s office. The chronology also provides an overview of the Cheese War. (Credit: Tillamook Headlight-Herald)

Tillamook Headlight-Herald/ Shopping Smiles
Feb. 4, 1960 No byline: Shirley Field Candidate for State Treasurer (photo)
March 3, 1960 No byline: Bob Ely Chairman for Oregon ‘June Dairy Month’
April 4, 1960 2 items

No byline: Mrs. Elsie DeCook, Associated with Paper for Thirty Years, to Retire

No byline: Veteran Newspaper Families Buy Headlight-Herald

May 5, 1960 No byline: Kennedy to Visit Tillamook (photo)
May 12, 1960 No byline: Sen. J. Kennedy Coming Here Next Monday
May 19, 1960 2 Items:

No byline: Sen. John Kennedy Seeks Voters’ Approval

No byline: Night Blast Rocks Home of Creamery Manager

June 1, 1961 No story byline: County Association History Traced Here (photo by Wilkerson)
April 4, 1962 (Shopping Smiles) Photo and caption: NEW SECRETARY MANAGER ON JOB
April 22, 1962 No byline: Top 10 Herds on Standard Test
May 20, 1962 2 items:

Ad: Tillamook Cheese—A Nationally Known Delicacy

No byline: Dairyland Story

June 24, 1962 No byline: Disagreement at Hearing on Milk
Sept 30, 1962 2 items:

No byline: Milk Producers Seek Voluntary Control Program

Ad: The publicity committee of the Tillamook Cheese & Dairy Association feels this letter and the answer are most timely.  (Letter by Harley Christensen)

Oct 14, 1962 No byline: Controversy of Dairy Groups Hits Courts Here
Dec 2, 1962 No byline: Milk Producers See Success for Voluntary Stabilization
Dec 30, 1962 2 items:

No byline: Paralyzing October Storm Leads in Field of ‘Top 10’

No byline: Threat of Milk Price War Hangs Over Dairymen

Jan 6, 1963 No byline: Price War Still Threatens Milk Producers Here
Jan 20, 1963 2 items:

No byline: Dairymen To Draft New Law

No byline: Dairies Hit High In 1962

Jan 20, 1963 Dairies Hit High In 1962
Jan 27, 1963 5 Letters to Editor:

Board of Directors, Tillamook County Creamery Assn;

Joe Beeler;

Bob Neilson;

Jack Bennett;

Harold Hushbeck

Feb 3, 1963 4 Letters to Editor:

George Milne,

Glenn Johnston,

Floyd Woodward,

Bert H. Quick

Feb 10, 1963 4 Letters to Editor:

Dale M. Sayles,

Glenn Johnston,

F.J. Becker,

Theo. Pease

Feb 24, 1963 2 items:

No byline: Two Dairy Groups Elect Officers

No byline: Legislators File Milk Price Bill

March 24, 1963 3 items:

No byline: Ely Resigns as TCDA Official; Burke Appointed

No byline: Ridderbusch Earns Dairymen’s Praise at Salem Hearing

April 4, 1962 (Shopping Smiles) No byline: New Secretary Manager on Job (Ed Burke photo)
April 28, 1963 No byline: Editorial: Reserve Snap Judgements

Ad: Pictorial graph from publicity committee

May 5, 1963 3 items:

Ad: A Graphic Picture of Tillamook Dairymen’s Problems

No byline: Milk Price Bill Passes

Letter to Editor: Tillamook Cheese & Dairy Assn. Publicity Committee

May 9, 1963 (Shopping Smiles) Ad: This the Third of a Series of Graphs Portraying Problems of Tillamook Dairymen



May 12, 1963 4 items:

No byline: Milk Tankers Idled (photo)

No byline: New Court Action Filed in County Milk Controversy

No byline: Basic Milk Suit Trial Due Soon

No byline: Reward is Offered in Threat Case

May 19, 1963 3 items:

No byline: Tankers Roll; Trial Opening Is Due Monday

No byline: Chronology Of Events in Milk Dispute includes TFMS

No byline: Milk Bill Vote Due In Senate

May 26, 1963 3 items:

No byline: House in Milk Bill Argument

No byline: Dairy Suit Trial Surprise as Case Rested by TCDA

No byline: $100,000 Asked in Damages

June 2, 1963 No byline: Judgment Is Awaited in Dairy Lawsuit
June 16, 1963 Letter to Editor: Patricia R. Sea
June 23, 1963 No byline: Bob Ely Named to State Job
July 28, 1963 No byline: Cheese and Dairy Group Is Apparent Winner In Lawsuit
Aug 4, 1963 2 items:

No byline: Judge to Hear New Motion In Dairy Suit

Letter to Editor: Glenn Johnston; reply from Doc Tillamook

Aug 11, 1963 No byline: Ruling in Dairy Suit Delayed
Aug 18, 1963 2 items:

No byline: Judge Changes Opinion on Dairy Lawsuit Points

No byline: Cheese Winners announced

Aug 25, 1963 2 items

No byline: New Motion Filed For Re-Hearing In Dairy Action

Letter to Editor: Ted Jacobs

Sept 1, 1963 No byline: CONFLICT AT CREAMERY (photo)
Sept 8, 1963 No byline: TCDA Board Says: ‘No Money, No Milk’ As Supply Is Halted
Sept 22, 1963 2 items:

No byline: Judge’s Decree Closes Lawsuit Between Coops

Ad: Methodist Church (includes photo)

Sept 26, 1963 (Shopping Smiles) Ad: A Statement Of Importance To Every Citizen of Tillamook County (TCDA and Red Clover)
Sept 29, 1963 No byline: Marketing Pacts Cancelled by Two Dairy Co-ops Here
Oct 6, 1963 Letter to Editor, multiple signers:

Art Van Loo, Durrer Bros., Bob Hurliman, Max Hurliman, Yelta Vanderzee, John Nielsen, J. B. Williams

No byline: Milk Marketing Under New Quotas

Nov 24, 1963 Ad: Good News T.C.&D. Premium Brand Cheese
Dec 1, 1963 Ad: cleaning big factory, tour guides
Dec 12, 1963 (Shopping Smiles) Ad: MORE GOOD NEWS: T.C.&D.A. and Red Clover have built a new selling force, 7 TIMES LARGER
Dec 15, 1963 Ad: C&W Market, Bay City
Dec 22, 1963 2 items:

Letter to Editor: Clem Hurliman

Ad: A Message from TC&DA and Red Clover

Dec 29, 1963 No byline: Dairy Change Is 1963 News Feature
March 1, 1964 No byline: STANDING in front of the trophy case at the cheese factory a crew of Tillamook Cheese….  (photo)
March 22, 1964 2 items:

No byline: Record Cheese Order (Photo, caption, article)

No byline: Judge Combs Issues Dairy Suit Order

March 29, 1964 2 items:

No byline: Issues Oral Decision in Dairy Suit

No byline: Court Order Text Issued This Week

April 26, 1964 Letter to Editor: Jean Honey
May 10, 1964 Letter to Editor: George E. Milne
May 14, 1964 (Shopping Smiles) Ad: Statement by Board Of Tillamook County Creamery Assn.
May 17, 1964 7 items:

No byline: Big Cheese! (photo)

No byline: Arbitration Unacceptable In County Dairy Dispute

Three Letters to Editor:

F. J. Becker;

Floyd Woodward;

Board of Directors, Tillamook County Creamery Assn. John Craven, Jr., President

Ad: Premium Brand Cheddar Cheese

May 21, 1964 Ad: Statement By Board Of Tillamook County Creamery Assn.
May 24, 1964 5 items:

Three Letters to Editor:

Del Mayer;

Otto J. Schild;

R. L. Rulifson, Director Cloverdale Cheese Assn.

No byline: Use of TC&DA Label Allowed In Dairy Suit

Ad: Ten Thousand Wonderful Reasons To Prove That…

May 31, 1964 Four Letters to Editor:

Lorenz Suter;

Everett E. Allen;

Arnold Walker;

J. K. Stern

June 7, 1964 Two Letters to Editor:

F.H. Sumner;

Betty Leonnig

June 28, 1964 No byline: Cheese and Dairy Assn. Win Right to Use ‘Tillamook’ Label In Federal Court Decision
July 5, 1964 TC&DA Submits Marketing Offer
July 12, 1964 No byline: Offers Rejected In Cheese Dispute
Aug 9, 1964 No byline: Federal Judge Decrees TC&DA Owns, Can Use ‘Tillamook’ Marking
Aug 16, 1964 No byline: More Defendants Named In New TC&DA Complaint
Oct 25, 1964 No byline: Milne, Christensen Take Dairy Posts
Jan 3, 1965 No byline: 1964 In Review: Flood
Feb 16, 1965 No byline: TCCA Claims $20 Million Damages In Dairy Dispute
March 7, 1965 Letter to Editor: Archie M. Schenck
March 14, 1965 Letter to Editor: Archie M. Schenck
March 21, 1965 Letter to Editor: Archie M. Schenck
April 4, 1965 Letter to Editor: Archie M. Schenck
April 11, 1965 3 items:

By Timothy A. O’Connor: Note from Publisher

Letter to Editor: Archie M. Schenck

No byline: U.S. Court of Appeals Affirm Dairy Decision

April 25, 1965 No byline: Dairy Hearing Here Tuesday
April 30, 1965 No byline: Judge Vacates State Injunction Against TCDA
May 24, 1965 No byline: Court Refuses TCCA Appeal; New Suit Filed
June 20, 1965 Ad: June Is Dairy Month
July 25, 1965 No byline: Swett Appointed Manager of TCDA (photo)
Aug. 1, 1965 No byline: Price of Milk to Go Up Monday
Aug. 7, 1965 Ad: Tillamook County Creamery Association is happy to announce the recent disbursement of $225,300.85 in cash to our member dairy farmers.
Sept 5, 1965 No byline: Foremost Dairy Inks Contract To Age, Market TCDA Cheese
Sept 19, 1965 2 items:

No byline: Court Clarifies Milk Pricing

No byline: TCCA Report Shows Gain

Oct 3, 1965 2 items:

No byline: TCCA Head Issues Statement On Marketing Program

Ad: It’s Cheese Festival Time in El Monte…

Oct 17, 1965 Editorial: A Retraction
Nov 14, 1965 No byline: Lower Courts Upheld in Cheese Suit
Dec 5, 1965 No byline: Foremost Names New Manager
Feb 20, 1966 2 items:

No byline: Creamery Meet Held at Mohler

No byline: Central Holds Cheese Meeting

Feb 27, 1966 3 items:

No byline: Milk Shippers Name Officers

No byline: TCDA Reports Gain in Cheese Production

No byline: Otto Schild TCCA President

March 27, 1966 No byline: Lawyer Remains As Defendant In Cheese Trial
April 10, 1966 No byline: Opinion Favors Agriculture Dept In Milk Suit
May 22, 1966 No byline: Milk Producers Get Price Raise
June 19, 1966 No byline: Big Cash Payment Due TCCA Milk Shippers
July 24, 1966 2 items:

No byline: Patrons of TCCA Members Get Large Cash Distribution

No byline: Increase in Milk Price Is Good News To County Producers

Aug 7, 1966 Ad: See Our Booth At The Fair
Aug 21, 1966 Ad: Premium Brand Cheese Winners Announced
Sept 18, 1966 3 items:

No byline: TCCA Ships Record Milk Poundage

No byline: Cheese Entries Win Medals at Los Angeles Fair

Editorial: “Don’t Make the Farmer the Scapegoat”

Oct 16, 1966 No byline: Judge Avery A. Combs Killed in Highway Crash
Oct 30, 1966 No byline: Court Ruling Clarifies Point in Cheese Battle
Nov 13, 1966 Ad: Santa Says: It’s Not Too Early…
Nov 27, 1966 No byline: Milk Price Increase Denied Except for Fat Differential
Feb 5, 1967 No byline: Oregon’s Dairy Princess…. (photo)
March 5, 1967 3 items:

Obituary: Catherine Hurliman

No byline: Butterfat Price Adjustment Made

No byline: SDA Says Milk Output, Price Up

April 2, 1967 No byline: TC&DA To Do Own Cheese Marketing
April 16, 1967 2 items

No byline: McMinimee is Named to Parks Committee

No byline: Headlight-Herald to Be Thursday Paper

April 20, 1967 No byline: Milk Hearing Set April 24
April 27, 1967 2 items:

No byline: Wyatt Introduces Dairy Farmer Aid Legislation

No byline: TC & DA To Triple Its Cheese Plant Output

May 18, 1967 No byline: Dairy Herds Get Bigger
June 15, 1967 Ad: Quiet! Artists At Work
June 22, 1967 2 items:

No byline: New electronic packaging machine… (photo)

No byline: Milk Hearing Set June 22-23 In Salem

June 29, 1967 No byline: Pretty Tilda Chadwick…. (photo)
July 13, 1967 No byline: Dairy Import Cuts Should Help Market
Aug 17, 1967 Ad: A New Taste, Tillamook JACK
Nov 30, 1967 No byline: Quotas Question At Milk Hearing
Dec 21, 1967 No byline: Milk Blend Price is Up
Jan 25, 1968 No byline: Changes Denied In Milk Prices
Feb 1, 1968 No byline: Sheriff Del Walpole…. (photo)
Feb 15, 1968 Ad: ICE CREAM
Feb 22, 1968 2 items:

No byline: Milk Price Hearing Set

No byline: Ag Interim Group Sets Monday Meeting Here

Feb 29, 1968 2 items:

No byline: Lawmakers Listen To County Farm Problems

No byline: Fritz Baumgartner, head cheesemaker…. (photo)

March 14, 1968 No byline: Hearing Called on Dairy Assessment
April 4, 1968 (Shopping Smiles) Ad: MILK IS KING!
April 11, 1968 By James Magner: Dairymen Told “Go Home, Settle Feud”
May 23, 1968 No byline: Advise Against Milk Price Increase Now
June 20, 1968 No byline: McMinimee Heads State Masons
Aug 1, 1968 No byline: Upgrading of Milk Standards Is Proposed
Aug 8, 1968 No byline: Milk Blend Price Down
Sept 19, 1968 No byline: Milk Hearing Is Scheduled On October 4
Sept 26, 1968 No byline: Creameries Reach Agreement
Oct 10, 1968 3 items:

No byline: Creamery Sale Completed Tues.

Editorial: Double Good News

Ad: The People’s Choice in Tillamook

April 9, 1975 2 items:

No byline: Sutton replacing Dixon as TCCA head

Photo, Beale Dixon

June 23, 1976 No byline: Creameries in 1918 and 1928
June 24, 1987 2 items:

Local rite to be held July 1 for McMinimee, dead at 78

Photo, Warren McMinimee

Aug. 30, 1989 2 items:

No byline: H. S. Dixon succumbs

Obituary: H.S. “Beale” Dixon