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Timeline, 1968

Cheese War   Timeline     1968   Event Date Event Source (See key below.)       2-1968 Cheese & Dairy cheesemakers brought trophies home from the Oregon Dairy Industries annual convention. Fritz Baumgartner, head cheesemaker, won the sweepstakes trophy. Also winning awards were Lloyd Wright, Dean Daggett, Ron Jones, Allan Waldron, and Merton… READ MORE

Timeline, 1965

Cheese War   Timeline     1965   Event Date Event Source (See key below.) 4-12-1965 to 4-16-1965   County Creamery filed a $10 million antitrust suit against Cheese & Dairy, along with a $10 million antitrust suit against Red Clover. Earlier, Cheese & Dairy and Red Clover asked for a combined $8.4 million in… READ MORE

Timeline, 1964

Cheese War   Timeline     1964   Event Date Event Source (See key below.)       1-27-1964       Cheese & Dairy sought an injunction in federal court that would order County Creamery to stop threatening legal action against dealers who handle Premium Brand cheese. Cheese & Dairy said that County Creamery… READ MORE

Timeline, 1963

Cheese War   Timeline       1963     Event Date Event Source (See key below.)           1-1963 and 2-1963       A dairy stabilization law for the Portland milkshed was drafted by an Oregon Dairymen’s Association committee headed by George Milne, president of Tillamook Cheese & Dairy. The… READ MORE

Accounting Lawsuit Filed Against County Creamery

In 1965, Cheese & Dairy sued County Creamery, alleging accounting errors, such as being owed $1,782,655 in assets, $237,818 from cheese held and sold, and $285,563 in debts. (Credit: The Oregonian, May 18, 1965) READ MORE

County Creamery’s Bookkeeping Errors Noted by Cheese & Dairy

Cheese & Dairy’s board of directors hired an auditor and shared the results with the patrons in a Feb. 14, 1963 “Board Information” message. The auditors found numerous bookkeeping errors. Eight of the directors spent their own money to copy and mail the information. READ MORE

Audit Questioned by Cheese & Dairy

In 1964, a Cheese & Dairy leader described a County Creamery audit of its earnings statement as “misleading.” The statement and audit included County Creamery transactions and expenses charged to Cheese & Dairy. (Credit: Oregon Journal, Nov. 20, 1964) READ MORE