Timeline, 1960 and 1961

1960 – A dairy farmers’ committee worked on a milk audit bill to present to the 1961 legislature.
1961 – Delegates to the Oregon Dairymen’s convention in January supported Fair Trade legislation that would prevent distributors from giving or loaning equipment to stores.
1961- HB 1194 was introduced. The bill would regulate prices paid to farmers.
1961 – A sudden drop in milk prices caused 300 dairy farmers and distributors to attend a hearing in April on a proposed milk auditing law.
1961 – Oregon’s house and senate passed legislation directing the Department of Agriculture to set the minimum prices farmers would receive for milk.
1961- Fair Trade proposals did not pass.
1961 – In May, Governor Mark Hatfield signed the milk price control law.
1961- After taking testimony at hearings around the state, the Department of Agriculture set regional price minimums.