Articles from The Oregonian

The following articles, ads and photos relevant to the Cheese War appeared in issues of The Oregonian. All material is available on microfilm. The chronology also provides an overview of the Cheese War. (Credit: The Oregonian)

Reprint Permissions, The Oregonian

Date Headline
Oct 30, 1949 Photo and caption: Northwest’s Largest Cheese Plant Opened at Tillamook

Mel Baldwin: Tillamook Cheese Industry to Dedicate New Quarters

May 2, 1959 No byline: Crew on Strike at Cheese Plant.
May 5, 1959 No byline: Cheese Plant Pact Sought
July 2, 1959 3 items:

Photos and caption: Farmers Help Tillamook Plant

Nancy Morris: Photo and content; headline unknown. “Say ‘cheese’ to an Oregonian and by association he’ll very likely think….”

Joe Bianco: Hoffa Says Support given Cheese Strikers; Early Settlement of Tillamook Tiff Rumored

July 7, 1959 No byline: NLRB Seeks Injunction On Boycott

Joe Bianco: Tillamook Cheese Strike Talks Scheduled Tuesday

July 8, 1959 No byline: Tillamook strike ends
March 10, 1963 Joe Bianco: Oregon’s Coastal Regions Hold Great Agricultural Promise
April 21, 1963 Joe Bianco: Family Feud Splits Member From Tillamook Creamery Group
May 20, 1963 No Byline: Court Hears Milk Shipper
May 21, 1963 No Byline: Dairy Area Suit Opens
June 2, 1963 No Byline: Judge Takes Cheese Case
July 29, 1963 No Byline: Tillamook Dairy Case Rule Made
July 30, 1963 No Byline: Judge Rules In Dairy Case
Oct 30, 1963 Ad: Fred Meyer “Blue Ribbon Prize Beef and Lamb…”
Jan 28, 1964 No Byline: Tillamook Cheese Label Spurs $100,000 Lawsuit
Feb 26, 1964 Ad: Cheese A Wonderful World of Food For Lenten Meals
March 28, 1964 No Byline: Label Brings Injunction
April 22, 1964 No Byline: Court Refuses Contempt Case Delay In Squabble Over Cheese Labeling
April 28, 1964 No Byline: Judge Denies Cheese Plea
May 10, 1964 2 items:

No Byline: Judge Urges Arbitration In Cheese Name Dispute

May 13, 1964 No Byline: ‘Tillamook’ Name Challenged; Court Fight Looms
May 16, 1964 No Byline: Tillamook Unit Rejects Offer Of ‘Arbitration’
May 22, 1964 2 items:

No Byline: Judge Declares Rebels Own ‘Tillamook’ Brand

No Byline: Tillamook Creameries Import Eastern Cheese

May 23, 1964 No Byline: Tillamook Cheese Man Accused Of Being ‘Liar’
May 24, 1964 Photo and caption: THIS FIVE-TON CHEESE….
May 25, 1964


No Byline: Oldtimers Recall Memories Of Early Tillamook Cheese Making
May 27, 1964 No Byline: Court Hears Cheese Case
June 26, 1964 No Byline: Judge OKs Joint Use Of ‘Tillamook’ Labels
June 28, 1964 Gerry Pratt plus photo of Beale Dixon: Cheese Makers’ Tiff Poses Store Problem
July 5, 1964 No Byline: Cheese Unit Offers Aid
July 8, 1964 No Byline: 2 Tillamook Groups Study Cheese Feud
July 9, 1964 2 items:

No Byline: Tillamook Creamery Unit Offers Peace To Rival

No Byline: Letter Explains Creamery Association’s Stand On Tillamook Fracas

July 11, 1964 No Byline: Tillamook Cheese Firm Asks Books Inspection
July 12, 1964 Editorial: Tillamook Tempest
July 17, 1964 No Byline: Dairy Group Asks Ruling
July 27, 1964 No Byline: Tillamook Unit Rejects Offer Of ‘Arbitration’
Aug 7, 1964 No Byline: Judge Declares Rebels Own ‘Tillamook’ Brand
Aug 8, 1964 No Byline: Judge Dismisses 2 Suits Involving Antitrust Count
Aug 15, 1964 No Byline: Tillamook Cheese Group Amends Antitrust Suit
Sept 12, 1964 No Byline: New Complaint Relights Tillamook Cheese Hassle
Oct 23, 1964 No Byline: Tillamook Unit Elects Manager
Dec 4, 1964 No Byline: Cheese Suit Change OKd
March 31, 1965 No Byline: Tillamook Plant Shuts
April 8, 1965 No Byline: Panel Backs TCDA Ruling
May 18, 1965 No Byline: Tillamook Cheese Group Demands Accounting, Judgment From Rival Creamery Unit
May 21, 1965 No Byline: Appeals Court Refuses To Rehear Cheese Case
May 24, 1965 No Byline: Court Refuses TCCA Appeal; New Suit Filed
April 1, 1966 No Byline: Opinion Favors Milk Producers
Dec 29, 1996 Brent Walth: Mark of Distinction